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Fishing the mullet run in Florida - Rock Solid Custom Rods

Fishing the mullet run in Florida

What is the Mullet Run?

The Mullet Run is an annual natural phenomenon that occurs along the coast of Florida. It is a massive migration of mullet fish, where millions of these fish swim in large schools along the shoreline. This event attracts not only anglers but also various marine predators, creating a thrilling fishing experience.

When and Where Does it Happen?

The Mullet Run typically takes place from late summer to early winter, usually between September and November. It occurs along the entire east coast of Florida, from Miami to Jacksonville. However, some of the best spots to witness and participate in the Mullet Run are in popular fishing destinations like Stuart, Fort Pierce, and Daytona Beach.

Why is it Exciting for Anglers?

The Mullet Run is an exciting time for anglers because it presents a unique opportunity to catch a wide variety of game fish. As the mullet swim close to the shore, they attract larger predatory fish such as snook, tarpon, jack crevalle, and redfish. These predators follow the mullet schools, feeding on them voraciously. Anglers can target these game fish by using lures or live bait, resulting in thrilling battles and memorable catches.

Tips for Fishing the Mullet Run

1. Research the best fishing spots: Before heading out, do some research to find the prime fishing spots along the coast. Local fishing reports, online forums, and talking to experienced anglers can provide valuable insights.

2. Use the right gear: The Mullet Run can attract large and powerful fish, so make sure to use appropriate fishing gear. Medium to heavy rods and reels with strong lines are recommended.

3. Choose the right bait: Live mullet is the preferred bait during the Mullet Run. However, artificial lures that mimic mullet can also be effective.

4. Be patient and observant: The Mullet Run can be unpredictable, so patience is key. Keep an eye out for signs of feeding activity, such as birds diving or fish jumping, as these indicate the presence of predators.

5. Practice catch and release: To preserve the fishery and ensure its sustainability, consider practicing catch and release. This allows future generations to enjoy the thrill of the Mullet Run.


The Mullet Run in Florida is a captivating natural event that offers anglers an incredible fishing experience. From the massive schools of mullet to the thrilling battles with game fish, it is a time of excitement and anticipation. By following the tips mentioned above, anglers can make the most of this unique phenomenon and create lasting memories on the Florida coast.

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Fishing the mullet run in Florida

The Mullet Run is an annual natural phenomenon that occurs along the coast of Florida.

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