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How to use the website

First, choose your rod blank from the drop-down Menu. The blank you choose will show on top of the drop-down menu.


Next, Choose the color of your bent or straight butt (or type of reel seat) by clicking on the picture.



Then, choose what type of grip you’d like by clicking on the picture.



If you choose custom cork grips, another menu will appear and you can choose what style of cork to be used to make your custom cork grip. Choose the type of cork by clicking on the picture.


Now choose what type of guides you would like on your rod by clicking on the picture.



Choose up to 4 thread colors you would like your butt and guide wraps to be by clicking on up to 4 of the colors.


Choose up to 2 accent/trim wrap metallic colors by clicking on up to two of the colors shown.


Finally, choose how many of these rods you would like built and click add to cart and you’re done!

You can contact us if you would like the rods to have a certain color combination or theme, If you don't see want you like or want, contact us and we can get it for you.



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