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Rod Repairs and Rod Refurbishment

We offer rod repair services ranging from guide replacement, handle repair or replacement to total rod refurbishment for those sentimental rods that have been passed down to you. Broken rods could be mended depending on the area where the rod was broken.

Guide Replacement: Includes removal old guide and wrap, prepping the guide area, thread wrap and epoxy coating.

  • Single foot guides - $10.00 + price of the guide
  • Double foot guides - $15.00 + price of the guide
  • Add $3.00 for under wraps

Tiptop Replacement: Includes most common tiptop guides used. tiptop roller guides and heavy duty saltwater tiptop guides are an additional cost plus shipping of the part.

  • Most commonly used tiptop guides - $15.00 (includes thread wraps)
  • Specialty tiptop guides (rollers, heavy duty saltwater, titanium, etc.) cost will be based in the cost of the guide.

Handle repair: can range from shrink tubing placed on the handle to replacing a broken rod handle. Cost varies depending on the type of handle/grip repair to be done.

Rod Refurbishment: We would be honored to restore your antique or family heirloom rod that has been passed down to its former glory. These jobs are a delicate process where attention to detail is critical. This type of rod work includes removal of the guides and old thread wraps, prepping the blank, either staining or repainting the blank to restore the blank color as best as possible. If the guides are able to be cleaned and reused then we will do so. If the guides are not serviceable, then they will be replaced with period correct guides but, if the guides are no longer available, the closest possible match will be used. If the grips are wooden, then they will be cleaned, sanded and refinished. When it comes to cork handles, we will try and clean and sand them to look like new but, if the cork is missing and or broken, then the cork will be removed and replaced. Before any work begins, the client will be notified of what was found ahead of time. We will then request permission before we can begin or continue forward. Cost varies based on the work to be done.

Rod refurbishment disclaimer: With old rods comes corrosion, deterioration, weak and/or brittle states due to age, sun damage, wear and tear. If a part breaks due to these parameters, Rock Solid Custom Rods will not be held responsible and the customer will be notified and the cost of repair or replacement will be at the client's expense. If the damage is our fault, the customer will be notified and Rock Solid Custom Rods will fix and/or replace the part at no cost to the client with the permission of the client.


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